Friday, December 14, 2012


Sometimes you'd want a sort of mish-mash of concepts that mechanically speaking a single class simply can't offer you, but swapping one talent/power for another doesn't seem like it's enough.  While 13th Age will be releasing multiclassing rules in 13 True Ways, I'd like to offer an alternative, based partially on how D&D 4E does it.

Simple Dabbler

Special: You cannot take this talent if you already chose Complex Dabbler

Choose between Barbarian, Paladin, or Ranger (must not be the same class as your current class).  You count as this class when choosing talents.
Champion Feat: If you chose Barbarian, you gain the Barbarian Rage talent. If you chose Paladin, you gain the Smite Evil talent. If you chose the Ranger, you gain a free talent.

Complex Dabbler

Special: You cannot take this talent if you already chose Simple Dabbler

Choose between any class except Barbarian, Paladin, and Ranger (must not be the same class as your current class). You count as this class when choosing talents.
Adventurer Feat: You gain one power (flexible attack, spell, prayer, shout, etc.) from your chosen class. At higher levels you can replace your chosen power with a new power from your chosen class.
Champion Feat: You can replace any or all the powers you currently know with powers from your chosen class. The new powers must be at least two levels lower than your current level.


  1. These are talents? Seems like an awfully steep price, as you're essentially limiting yourself to 2 "real" talents for the flexibility.

    I'd recommend making these general feats. After all, feats are a way for 13th Age characters to specialize in a specific area. Giving up some specialization to dabble is exactly what multiclassing is about!

    1. Three reasons why they're generic talents instead of generic feats:

      1. If your only concern is just getting one talent or one power and your character's story is appropriate, 13th Age rules already explicitly state that the GM can allow you to swap powers and talents (the official stance apparently is a maximum of one talent for one talent or extra power). Truth to be told, I didn't really see the necessity of multiclassing rules in 13th Age because of this BUT given how single-talent/power swap is much more different than giving complete access to the second class, I felt it was appropriate enough a thing to convert from 4E to 13th Age.

      2. Note that this is the only way to get the Ranger Animal Companion as a non-ranger, if the official stance on power/talent-swapping is to be used

      3. The Simple Dabbler's champion feat recovers the lost talent slot.

      Note that the Sorcerer has a built-in talent called Access to Wizardry, which functions exactly as the Champion feat of the Complex Dabbler. Even more curious, one of the optional talents of the Sorcerer is the Arcane Heritage talent, which is basically the Adventurer feat + Complex Dabbler combined.

      Am I to assume that a generic talent that's the equivalent of *two* class-specific talents... is "an awfully steep price"?