Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ranger Options: Arcane Archer (PF) / Seeker (4E)

Class Options allow you to add particular classes into 13th Age without the need of extensive reinventing of the wheel, so to speak.  Instead of having to make an entirely new class, re-flavoring and adding of a few talents and powers here and there would allow you to faithfully render the class you want, with less effort.

The class featured here would actually be two classes: the Arcane Archer, and the Seeker.  Heralding from two systems, and with two very different power sources (the former being arcane magic, the latter being primal spirits), they nevertheless occupy the same niche: the use of magic to enhance their projectiles in order to harm their foes.  This is why it makes sense that their concepts are justified the most by the classes that specialize in ranged weaponry: Fighter and Ranger.  However, because the Ranger already has access to magic in the form of a talent, it only seems "right" that the conversion is primarily dedicated to the Ranger.  For those who may feel that the Fighter is very appropriate as a Seeker, there will be re-flavoring options mentioned to help evoke the feel of a throwing Seeker.

NOTE: For new feats, the prerequisite talent will be mentioned before the actual feat.

Re-Flavoring Suggestions
Fighter and Ranger: If the GM is not too keen on the mechanical effects of damage type -- meaning, he rarely (if at all) brings in resistances, vulnerabilities, and terrain/out-of-power effects of damage type (like for instance, fire damage causing flammable material to be set on fire) -- allow the Fighter and Ranger to change the damage type of his attacks to Cold, Fire, and Lightning (add Radiant and Necrotic to the list at level 6).

Fighter: The GM should consider allowing the Fighter to take Woodland Magic (from the Ranger) as a talent, and perhaps trade one of his own maneuvers for a spell of equal or lower level.  Also, allow the Fighter to change the description of all his ranged maneuvers to be spells that activate on impact.  Finally, Power Attack can be re-flavored to be magical enhancement of attacks.

Spells: all attack spells acquired would be re-flavored as imbuing his arrows with spells

New Talent

Confusing Projectiles
Once per battle when you make an even roll with a ranged attack, each creature engaged with your target pops free.
(Adventurer Feat) When using this talent, each creature engaged with your target takes damage equal to the damage your target took immediately before they pop free.
(Champion Feat) Once per day you can choose to deal no damage to the target and weaken each creature engaged to it immediately before they pop free.
(Epic Feat) Once per day you can cause the target to be confused (save ends), and each creature engaged to the target to be confused during their next turn.  If you do so, your attack deals no damage, and the creatures engaged with your target do not pop free.

New Feats
Double Ranged Attack
(Epic Feat) Once per day, you can make one ranged attack against each visible nearby enemy, but you are weakened for a round after that.  You cannot attack the same enemy twice with this feat.  GM Note: You might want to consider allowing the PC make a single attack roll against all visible enemies instead, but the PC will be stunned instead of weakened (representing the PC frantically trying to get a new quiver out of his pack for an entire round).

First Strike
(Epic Feat) Once per day, when you score a critical hit against a creature with a ranged attack, that creature must make a very hard save or take extra damage equal to half his maximum hit points.

Favored Enemy
(Champion Feat) Once per day, as a quick action you can choose to have your next ranged attack against your favored enemy ignore cover and concealment of all sorts.  Rolling a natural 16+ on the attack allows you to retain the use of this feat.  At level 8, the attack ignores everything between the you and the target.

Lethal Hunter
(Champion Feat) The first time you hit your chosen enemy, it takes ongoing damage equal to twice your level.  This ongoing damage increases to three times your level at level 7.

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