Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fighter Options: Fighter & Knight (4E, Next)

Class Options allow you to add particular classes into 13th Age without the need of extensive reinventing of the wheel, so to speak.  Instead of having to make an entirely new class, re-flavoring and adding of a few talents and powers here and there would allow you to faithfully render the class you want, with less effort.

The class featured here is the Fighter (as well as its subclass, the Knight).  While it might seem redundant that I write about translating Fighters to Fighters, the fact of the matter is, 4E Fighters have unique class features that none of the 13th Age Fighter talents even try to duplicate, most notably the marking mechanic and its Essentials version, the Defender Aura.  Also, D&D Next has been providing some interesting features for the Fighter that are also worth exploring.

Re-Flavoring Suggestions

Allow the Fighter to take the Paladin's Challenge talent as written (rename to Combat Challenge if desired).

New Talents

Combat Superiority
You gain +1 to damage per level with your attacks. At the start of your turn, as a free action you can choose to forfeit this damage bonus until the start of your next turn to gain temporary hit points equal to the damage bonus lost. The temporary hit points disappear at the start of your next turn.
Once per day, as a quick action you can forfeit this damage bonus to allow your next attack during this turn to trigger a Fighting Maneuver, even if you fail to meet the triggering roll.
(Adventurer Feat): You can use the daily ability a second time between extended rests
(Champion Feat): Once per day, you can double the damage increase (or damage reduction) granted by this talent for an entire battle
(Epic Feat): Your daily ability allows you to use two maneuvers simultaneously

Defender Aura
While you are conscious, enemies engaged with you take a –1 attack penalty against your allies.
Once per battle when you're engaged with an enemy affected by your defender aura and it either attacks an ally of yours or willingly disengages/pops free from you, you can make a melee attack dealing half-damage against that enemy as a free action.
(Adventurer Feat): On an even miss with your Defender Aura attack, you deal extra damage to the enemy you attacked equal to your Strength modifier.
(Champion Feat): Once per day you can use Defender Aura's attack for the duration of a battle, but only once per turn.
(Epic Feat): Each nearby enemy takes a -1 attack penalty against your allies, instead of just those engaged with you.
GM Note: If the Fighter runs or teleports away from the enemy after using the ability, feel free to ignore it. The Fighter needs to confront the creatures he engages.

No Escape
You gain a +3 on the "Relentless Harrier" background. Whenever an enemy attempts to disengage or pop free from you, explain how your character maneuvers the enemy in such a way that he cannot actually shake you off (e.g. you knock him prone, physically block his way using your weapon or shield, you psyche him out, etc.), then roll an appropriate ability check as determined by the GM (GM Note: please consider including the Relentless Harrier bonus unless it is really not applicable for that situation). At the very least, a success would force the enemy to stay engaged with you.
(Adventurer Feat): The bonus to the Relentless Harrier background increases to +5
(Champion Feat): A success would also provoke an opportunity attack
Author's Note: The No Escape talent would represent 4E's Combat Superiority + Combat Agility class features.

Steel Rain
Once per day for an entire battle, as long as you can take actions you can deal damage equal to your level as a free action at the start of your turn against each creature engaged with you.
At the end of the battle after using this talent, roll a d20.  On a 16+, you can use it again later in the day.
(Adventurer Feat): Once per battle plus a number of times per day equal to your Constitution modifier, you can cause each creature engaged with you to take a -2 penalty to hit and disengage checks for a round as a quick action.
(Champion Feat): Whenever you kill a creature with this talent during a battle, you reduce the needed roll to regain the use of this talent at the end of that same battle by one.
(Epic Feat): Twice per day but only once per round, when you kill a non-mook creature with this talent, your critical range increases by one (first time you use this increases the crit range to 19+).

Cunning Retort
Once per battle, make a check (usually Charisma) against the highest MD among the nearby enemies.  On a success each nearby enemy would be dazed until the end of your next turn unless they choose to make a melee attack against you during their turn. If they do make a melee attack against you, make an opportunity attack the moment they engage with you.
(Adventurer Feat): The opportunity attacks made with Cunning Retort gain a +4 to hit.
(Champion Feat): Each enemy that is affected by Cunning Retort take an additional -4 to attack rolls (for a total of -8 with daze) if they choose not to make a melee attack against you.
(Epic Feat): Once per day enemies are weakened instead of dazed by Cunning Retort.
Author's Note: The default assumption is that, just like the classic loudmouthed duelists in movies, you'll be encouraging your enemies to attack you by taunting or bluffing them (hence, Charisma).  The situational daze would represent their hesitation to attack anyone other than you once you've got their attention.  Epic level warriors would be so daunting -- almost commanding -- that the enemies he taunts would be shaken enough to render themselves vulnerable to attacks and unable to effectively counter-attack unless they man up against the guy that's taunting them.

You treat your punches as if they were Light (1d6) weapons.
(Champion Feat): Whenever you grab an opponent (GM determines how you grab and what effects they would be), any attempts to break free from the grab take an additional penalty equal to your Strength modifier.
GM Note: If you're at a loss regarding "grab rules", here's a suggestion: Standard Action vs. One engaged enemy, Strength vs. PD, Hit: target takes a -2 to disengage checks while engaged with you.  "Grab" doesn't necessarily need to be limited to hands -- stepping on someone's feet, or even tackling them would work too -- but for the sake of simplicity I'll be using the term "grab".  Also I do not take credit for this suggestion, as this suggestion can be found in the 13th Age main book, so if there's anyone to thank, that'd be Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet for their remarkable product coming out in 2013.

Players Note: Feel free to do what you want with the enemy you grabbed -- battering ram, projectile, meat shield -- and make it awesome.

New Flexible Attacks

Invigorating Surge
Level 1 Flexible Melee Attack
Triggering Roll: Hit with a 16+
Effect: Gain temporary hit points equal to your Constitution modifier.
(Adventurer Feat): Once per day you can cause the enemy to make a hard save.  If he fails his save, roll a 1d4.  On a 1, he is dazed, on a 2, everyone is invisible to him (he is blinded), on a 3 he is weakened, and on a 4 he is stunned.  These effects last until the end of his next turn.
(Champion Feat): Once per day you can choose to spend a recovery but gain no hit points.  Instead, increase the temporary hit points granted by this flexible attack, by an amount equal to your recovery.

Grab n' Bag
Level 3 Flexible Melee Attack
Triggering Roll: Any natural even roll
Special: One of your appendages (usually your hands) should be free to grab
Effect: You can attempt to grab an engaged enemy as a free action.